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The purpose of the “Jalisco Condo Manual” and the “Jalisco Condo Law in English” was to fill a knowledge gap about the condo law in Jalisco. The goal is to help condos run more smoothly, and to follow the condo law.

This blog is a way for us to give you updates and corrections to these books, to expand or clarify popular topics about condos, and to raise and talk about new topics that aren't covered in the books.

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Boards Must Hold Open Meetings

In the “Jalisco Condo Manual,” I say that all board meetings must be open, and that owners must be allowed to come. So… where is this in the state condo law? If you’re looking for a specific article in the Condo Law that directly says this, you’ll be disappointed. It’s one of those things that…Read more…

Is a Condo Responsible For Property Tax Bills?

An issue has come up recently that’s produced a flurry of questions from my readers. This topic seems to have created more interest than any other. So… a blog post seems in order. Disclaimer I have no first-hand knowledge of this situation. Everything I know about what the municipalities are allegedly doing is second and…Read more…

Dealing With Employees & Independent Contractors

A condo often needs to hire people such as an Administrator, accountant, people to look after the common property (like gardeners or a pool maintenance contractor), and even security guards. There are two different ways a condo can hire someone to do work, and it’s important to clearly understand the differences: employee; or independent contractor…Read more…

Cutting-Off Water to a Delinquent Owner

Any condo that has delinquent owners is frustrated by this state of affairs, and is always looking for any pressure they can apply to get these people to pay. Rather than a municipal water supply, some condos have their own water supply (often in the form of a well). They don’t actually own this water…Read more…

Your Condo’s Fiscal Year

In my book, the “Jalisco Condo Manual,” I say that a condo’s fiscal year should run from April 1 to March 31. I get a lot of questions like, “Where does it say this in the condo law?” It’s Implicit Rather Than Explicit Those of you who’ve asked this are right! There’s nothing in the…Read more…

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