Status of the “Jalisco Condo Manual – Second Edition”

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TheJalisco Condo Manual – Second Edition was originally scheduled to be published in July, 2015. Unfortunately, there has been a significant delay in this new edition because we need to include details from two ongoing and important issues:

1. We are currently walking a condo through the entire process of SAT registration, bank account set-up, contracting of an accountant, and regular financial reporting – to be sure they fully comply with the new tax laws. Once this is done, we’ll have a detailed real-world guide on how to do this for the new edition of the book. Not surprisingly, this is taking longer than expected.

2. A high court in Jalisco has ruled that Article 1032 (that allows a condo to sell the property of a delinquent owner at public auction) is unconstitutional as written. Because this is such a key article, as well as a vital weapon in a condo’s arsenal against delinquencies, this has significant impact on how to sue a delinquent owner. We are walking a test case through the Jalisco courts with a modified method of suing that we believe circumvents the legal problem. Once we figure out how this can be done successfully, with the end result being the removal of the delinquent owner from the condo, we’ll include complete details and procedures in the new edition. The case is progressing well, but such things always take longer than you might expect.

Since these are both vital issues affecting condos, we have decided to wait until we have all the information before completing the new edition. This will make the new book much better and more relevant! Unfortunately, at the time of writing this post, we are still a few months away. We believe that the finished product, however, will be worth the delay.

We hope you understand, and thank you for your patience.

Writer of books about running a condo in the Mexican state of Jalisco, and following the state condo laws. Also the laws and processes involved in buying and owning real estate in Mexico. Author of the "Jalisco Condo Manual" and the "Jalisco Condo Law in English." His web site: JaliscoCondos

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