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Who is is a subscription-based web site operated by JaliscoCondosOrg Publishing. Its goal is to give information to subscribers on how to administer and manage a condominium in the state of Jalisco, Mexico according to the Civil Code of the State of Jalisco, as well as general information on the Mexican legal system and real estate and property buying laws and procedures. See our disclaimer here.

How do we maintain your privacy? realises that you are concerned about the privacy and security of your personal information. Any personal information that you choose to send to our web site will only be used in line with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy applies only to information sent to from the following web sites and their sub-domains (such as blogs):,,, or

We do not collect personal information if it is not needed, or if you do not volunteer it. In some cases, such as membership subscriptions, certain personal information must be collected from you to process your payment and create a membership account. Where this is the case, we try to take all reasonable and suitable steps to protect that information.

We maintain a strict “No-Spam” policy that means that we do not sell, rent, lease, or give your e-mail address or other personal information to a third-party without your consent, or as permitted by this Privacy Policy.

We use the highest level of encryption protocols available to us whenever we need to send personal financial information between you and our web site. Firefox 3.x or higher and Internet Explorer 7.x or higher both support this level of security. If you are using an older or non-standards-compliant browser, you should consider upgrading to one of these.

When is personal information about you collected by us?

When you opt-in to one of our email notification lists, we ask for personal information about you including, but not limited to your name and email address. This information allows us to keep you informed by email.

When you place an order for a product or service (including membership in our subscription-based web site), we ask for personal information about you including, but not limited to your: name, credit card number, email address, billing address, and telephone number. This information allows us to process your order, or to log you in to the members-only area.

If this information is sent to a third-party for payment processing or credit card approval, then the information is sent in an encrypted form using a secure protocol and security certificates.

What do we use your personal information for?

Personal information collected from site visitors or subscribers by is used to:

  • add you to an opt-in email notification list;
  • sign you up as a member of our subscription-based web site;
  • let you take part in special promotions;
  • allow you to order products and services;
  • allow us to verify your credit card and payment information;
  • help us improve our web site by observing the pages and products that are most popular; and
  • let us personalize the delivery of information and recommend products and services to you.

Some general information might also be used to create statistics about visits to our web site that we use to measure our performance. These statistics do not contain any information that can identify you personally.

Who do we allow to have access to your personal information?


  • We limit access to your personal information to employees who need this information to serve you, or to analyse performance to measure and improve our web site.

Other Organisations:

  • uses reputable outside service providers to assist us with customer service, processing of orders, fraud prevention, and other important functions. We only share the information necessary for these service providers to carry out their role in serving you and our web site.
  • If you gain access to our web site through another web site or portal, any information that you shared with that web site or portal before you entered our web site is beyond our control.
  • will track statistics about traffic directed to our web site by other web sites or portals, and might analyse and share this information with other web sites or portals. This information is not of a personally-identifiable nature.
  • might share statistics about the performance of our web site with other organizations. These include statistics such as the total number of web site visitors or subscribers. Your personal information cannot be identified from these statistics.

Is your personal information secure? believes that securing your personal information is an important part of our job. That means that we will try to take all reasonable and suitable steps to make sure that your email address, password, credit card information, and any other personal information are protected from unauthorised access or disclosure.

It is important that you also proactively protect your user name and password, including making sure that you log-off whenever you are connected to our member-area from someone else’s computer or a shared computer (such as in an internet café).

For more information, see our Terms of Use.

Do we show your personal information to anyone else?

Only if, by law, is forced to cooperate with government, law enforcement, or other authorities in an investigation requiring us to give them either personal or account information, including any information given to us on-line through our web site.

What other types of information about your visit do we collect?

Every computer connected to the Internet is part of a domain, and has been assigned a numeric address that serves as that computer’s IP (Internet Protocol) address. Your IP address is normally assigned to you by your internet provider.

Normally when someone goes to a web page, the web server that hosts that web site automatically recognises that visitor’s domain name or IP address. The web servers at are no different.

Your domain name or IP address reveals nothing personal about you other than the IP address from which you have accessed our site. This IP address could be used to identify the country in which you live, and, possibly, to create an even more detailed geographic profile.

Every web browser also sends certain standard information to a web site’s server including, but not limited to: the browser name and version number, your default language, and the web page that referred you to the web page you are now viewing.

This is information that is readily available to each and every web site that you visit.

We use this information to examine our web traffic, to investigate misuse or abuse of our web site, or to cooperate with law enforcement. This information cannot be used by us to identify you in any way.

Do we use “cookies”?

If directed to do so by a web site, your web browser puts “cookie files” on your computer’s hard drive.

We do not use cookies to store any personal information about you beyond your user name and password.

We do use cookies to make your access to our web site more convenient for you:

  • Like most membership or subscriber web sites, we use a temporary cookie to allow you to stay logged-in during an entire browser session – or else you would have to enter your user name and password each time you accessed a new page in our member-area.
  • As a convenience for you, and only if you ask for this by clicking on a “remember me” link, we will store a cookie on your computer that will automatically fill-in our log-in form with your user name and password each time you return to our site.

What about third-party web sites?

Some pages on the web site might include links to other third-party web sites. These sites are regulated by their own Privacy Policies or Statements, and is not responsible for any aspect of their operations, including, but not limited to, their information, security, and privacy practices.

Visitors sending personal information to or through third-party web sites should study the privacy policies of those sites before giving them any personal information.

Please remember that whenever you voluntarily send unencrypted personal information on-line (such as by an unsecured form, by e-mail, or using discussion lists, forums, or chat rooms), that information can potentially be collected and used by others.

Your consent to this Privacy Policy

By using our web sites, you are consenting to the collection and use of personal and account information by in line with this policy.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Any changes made to this policy from time to time will be posted immediately on this part of our web site to let visitors or subscribers know what information is collected, how it is used, and under what circumstances it might be shown or shared with others.

If at any time you would like to update or remove your name and email address from one of our opt-in notification lists, please use the “unsubscribe” link included in each notification email.

If at any time you would like to change or update your membership or subscription information, please use the link included in the member area of our web site.
This Privacy Policy is effective as of June 2, 2007.

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