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The purpose of the “Jalisco Condo Manual” and the “Jalisco Condo Law in English” was to fill a knowledge gap about the condo law in Jalisco. The goal is to help condos run more smoothly, and to follow the condo law.

This blog is a way for us to give you updates and corrections to these books, to expand or clarify popular topics about condos, and to raise and talk about new topics that aren't covered in the books.

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Tag Archives: legal technicality

Unconstitutionality of Article 1032

The issue… In my last post about the delay in publishing the “Jalisco Condo Manual – Second Edition,” I mentioned that a higher court in Jalisco had found that Article 1032 of the Jalisco Civil Code was unconstitutional. I’ve received a surprising number of enquiries for details about this, and thought it easiest to deal… Read more…

Status of the “Jalisco Condo Manual – Second Edition”

The “Jalisco Condo Manual – Second Edition” was originally scheduled to be published in July, 2015. Unfortunately, there has been a significant delay in this new edition because we need to include details from two ongoing and important issues: 1. We are currently walking a condo through the entire process of SAT registration, bank account… Read more…

What’s Legal and What’s Not?

Most of the questions I get from book owners start out, “Is it legal to…?”. Sometimes there’s a clear answer, because the condo law covers the issue explicitly. However, sometimes this isn’t the case. What then? Basic legal principle There’s a basic concept in civil law (the type of legal system used in Mexico) that… Read more…

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