What Can Jalisco Learn From Quintana Roo?

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A unique section of the condo law

This is a short post about a unique piece of condo legislation from another state in Mexico that I think can serve as a model for Jalisco and all other states.

Quintana Roo, like many states, has a separate condo law outside of its Civil Code (Jalisco’s is embedded in the Code). There, the state Civil Code references this law: the “Ley De Propiedad En Condominio De Inmuebles Del Estado De Quintana Roo” (Law of Property in Condominium Real Estate of Quintana Roo). The latest version of this is March 22, 2011.

In quickly looking over this condo law in response to a question from a condo owner there, I noticed a unique section toward the end called “Condominium Culture” (Articles 56 through 59).

The rules of this section

In my opinion, this is a rather interesting and unique concept. This section says, in essence:

Condominium culture” is everything that contributes to create actions and attitudes that allow peaceful coexistence in meeting the goals of the condo regime. It has these essential elements: respect and tolerance; responsibility and compliance; joint responsibility and participation; solidarity, and mutual acceptance.

The city officials and the executive branch of the state must promote condominium culture in the state of Quintana Roo. They must, along with educational institutions, create the necessary means by which condominium education can be taught at various educational levels.

If the residents or building manager of a condo asks for it, city officials and the executive branch of the state, in coordination with housing agencies, must give guidance and training through various courses and workshops.

Anyone who’s part of the condo administration must have the knowledge necessary to carry out their duties.

Could solve many problems

I’ve never seen this before, and I think this is a fabulous idea. In my view, every state should do this. In fact, this is a model for condo legislation everywhere, not just in Mexico.

In particular, I’m impressed with the article requiring members of the condo administration to have the necessary knowledge and training to carry out their duties. And… they back it up with available training! What a great concept!

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  1. Just spent an hour reading. So far. Fabulous information. A good resource.

    Like many condo owners in Mexico and elsewhere in the world, we are experiencing difficulties.

    I am hopeful this will provide some much needed guidance to our Owners, Advisory Counsel, and Administration.

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