About Our Blog

Purpose of the Blog

My intention in writing both the “Jalisco Condo Manual” and the “Jalisco Condo Law in English” was to fill a knowledge gap about the condo law in Jalisco, to get people looking into these topics for themselves, and to start them talking about them in their communities. The end goal is to help condos in Jalisco run more smoothly, and to follow the condo law.

This blog is a way for us to give you updates and corrections to these books, to expand or clarify popular topics about condos, and to raise and talk about new topics that aren’t covered in the books.

This Isn’t Legal Advice

The books, these blog posts, and my responses to comments are only my opinions based on my personal experience and knowledge, as well as conversations with others (including Mexican legal professionals). I am not a lawyer, abogado, or notario, and none of my writing is intended to be legal counsel or advice.

If a condo law issue is important to you or our condo, then I recommend you consult a notario or other Mexican legal professional. See our “Disclaimer” for more detail.

My advice when getting a legal opinion: ask a specific and detailed question in writing; if you know of any laws that might apply, cite them. Ask that the answer be in writing, and that it contain the legal reasoning, including citations of any specific code or law article(s) that apply. I’ve found that you sometimes get a different (and more accurate) opinion when you ask for it in writing than you do when you get an off-the-cuff verbal opinion.

Your Comments Are Welcome

I believe that interaction with the community will help make this blog more useful. Please feel free to ask questions about a posted topic, share your own experiences, or, if you have relevant legal opinions from a notario or abagado, please share them.

All comments are reviewed. There will be a delay between you posting a comment, and its appearance on the blog. We do this to make sure comments relate to the post, and also to eliminate spam, and offensive language and tone. See our “Comment Policies” for more detail.

If You Have Condo Questions

We would also like to hear from you if you have questions or comments about condo administration that don’t relate to one of our posts, or if you have comments or feedback of a general nature. Use the “Email Us” tab at the left to send us an email with your question. We try to answer all questions directly, and your question might also trigger a new blog post.

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