“Jalisco Condo Law in English – Second Edition” Has Been Released!

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This is an updated version of the first edition published in 2011. It has improved translations plus six new sections with 80+ more pages of even more laws relevant to the administration of a condo. It includes the new 2014 tax laws!

Since the first edition was published in June of 2011, legislation has been amended, and we’ve discovered more laws that are relevant to condo administration. We’ve also improved the translation and notes of the existing chapters based on experience, plus feedback and questions from users of the first edition.

Throughout the book, text and translations were edited for more clarity and additional detail; pronoun references were improved; inline notes in the translations were added or expanded to more fully explain concepts of legal terms and processes; and typefaces were changed to make the book easier to read.

Six new sections were added with new translations of relevant laws:

  1. Part 5 – Obligations of Neighbours: contains rules in the Jalisco Civil Code that neighbours living anywhere (inside or outside of a condo) must follow.
  2. Part 9 – Legal Signatures & Electronic Transmissions: contains the Jalisco Civil Code definitions of a legal signature, and articles that allow proxies to be emailed or faxed.
  3. Part 11 ‐ Limitations on Collecting Debts: contains the Jalisco Civil Code section that restricts collecting fees from delinquent owners to two years.
  4. Part 12 – Income Tax & IVA: contains the 2014 federal laws governing the income tax, bank account, and IVA (value added tax) obligations of a condo.
  5. Part 13 – Rules for Public Property Auctions: contains the state laws governing the public auction held when a condo has forced the sale of a property under Jalisco Civil Code Article 1032.
  6. Part 14 – Preventative Injunctions for Lawsuits: contains the state laws governing methods of protecting the condo’s interests when forcing the sale of a property by preventing title changes, liens, mortgages, or other encumbrances during the process.

Significant edits and improvements were also made to many other parts of the original text.

Special Upgrade Offer for purchasers of the First Edition

If you bought a copy of the First Edition of the “Jalisco Condo Law in English” in the last year, you might be entitled to either a free copy, or a significantly reduced price on the Second Edition.

For more info on buying this book, ordering it in Mexico, or upgrading from the First Edition, check out the “Our Books” section on our new updated website: jaliscocondos.org

This book is also available on Amazon by clicking here.

Further News…

The “Jalisco Condo Manual in English – Second Edition” was rated a #1 Hot New Release on Amazon!

Another updated book: The “Jalisco Condo Manual – Second Edition” is expected by July 2015.

Coming Late This Year – we’re launching an exciting new development for condo owners and administrators – an online version of the “Jalisco Condo Law in English – Second Edition.”


Writer of books about running a condo in the Mexican state of Jalisco, and following the state condo laws. Also the laws and processes involved in buying and owning real estate in Mexico. Author of the "Jalisco Condo Manual" and the "Jalisco Condo Law in English." His web site: JaliscoCondos

4 Responses to “Jalisco Condo Law in English – Second Edition” Has Been Released!

  1. We live in a condo in old town, our manager and lawyer (not licensed) tells us that your book (the first one) partly deals with rules from Nayarit, not Jalisco, and so we shouldn’t take it too seriously. I argue, but I don’t have much respect compared to a lawyer and the manager. I’ve never been told an example. Would like to know what you say, maybe I can repeat it.

    • The “Jalisco Condo Law in English” (now in a new Second Edition) contains the exact wording of the condo law section of the Jalisco Civil Code in Spanish, along with my English translation. This is easily verified and provable. It also contains other sections of Jalisco Civil Code, a few other Jalisco laws, and a few federal codes and laws (which apply in every state in the Republic). The only part of the book that contains an excerpt from another state is the last section on Sanctions. This section has an excerpt from the Condo Law in the D.F. solely as an example for wording of sanctions in a condo’s by-laws. This is made crystal clear in the introduction to the section.

      The other book, “The Jalisco Condo Manual” (about to come out in a Second Edition – hopefully July 2015) refers solely to the Jalisco Civil Code, other Jalisco laws, and some Federal codes and laws.

      Except as noted above, there is absolutely nothing in either book from another state.

  2. The first edition of this book has been an invaluable reference to our condo Board along with the Condo Manual. This new version of the condo law translation is even better! The section on the new tax laws was something we were looking for.

    • gosh yes MexicoLiz
      This book has made it easy to understand the laws, I don’t think I’ve ever found a book so informative that’s as easy to read. Just wish we could change a few laws….can’t wait to receive the new book!

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